AECC unveils what a future-proof diesel car looks like

AECC is proud to release the presentation video for its future-proof diesel demonstrator vehicle, capable of generating near-zero NOx emissions under all driving conditions, with no significant impact on local air quality.

In this video, AECC representatives confirm that this technological advance is ready to be rolled out more widely to reduce diesel vehicle emissions. Viewers can observe the near-zero level of emissions for each section of the car’s emission control system.

The European emission control industry that AECC represents is collaborating with car manufacturers and automotive suppliers to bring more future-proof diesel cars to the market.

This means that when the European Commission introduces more stringent requirements for pollutants, they can be met equally by diesel and petrol vehicles, leading to further improvements in air quality throughout Europe.

This future-proof diesel demonstrator vehicle was recently showcased during an event organised by AECC in Brussels inviting regulators, industry professionals, non-governmental organisations and journalists for a first-hand experience.