Why you must properly maintain your diesel car

Diesel cars have improved their performance and reduced their environmental impact in the last 20 years. Proper car maintenance and avoiding exhaust tampering remain essential to ensuring diesel vehicles meet emissions regulations standards.


A number of technological advances have been made to significantly reduce the emissions from diesel engines. Improper maintenance of the diesel cars as well as illegal tampering with exhaust systems or engine tuning can result in higher emission levels, and mean your vehicle will no longer be compliant with European emissions standards. What do you need to do to properly maintain your diesel car and its exhaust?Good Maintenance is key to maintaining your diesel car_AECC

Firstly, motorists should follow the vehicle maintenance specified by the manufacturer. The exhaust will be checked regularly to ensure that the vehicle maintains its emission level and power, which is essential to comply with emission regulation. If the emission control system in the exhaust is damaged, it must be replaced. Any warnings to drive the car at a certain speed for a period of time will have to be followed in order to clear the particulate filter and prevent damage.

Motorists should also use standardised AdBlue® products (urea AUS 32). AdBlue® is a solution that is injected into the diesel exhaust and breaks down the nitrogen oxides produced by the engine into inert nitrogen and water.
Tampering is illegal and damages the environment_AECC
To comply with the law and avoid damage to the car the AdBlue® tank should be refilled using AdBlue® solution obtained from a reputable retailer.

Some motorists may have the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) of their car removed. It is illegal to drive a vehicle in this condition, results in MOT failure which voids the operating approval and insurance, and it will dramatically increase the emission of harmful ultrafine particles. Filters are very effective to control particulate emissions; it implies they need to remain in place.

Preserving the performance of a diesel car relies on key maintenance practices.

Keeping up to date with good maintenance practices like these helps to keep exhaust emissions low and provide a safer driving experience.